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Saturday, March 21st, 2009
Relationship Pitfalls

   Folks wonder why they have such difficulty in relationships.  Each of us is born into a family and culture with specific expectations and norms for acceptable behavior. Yet the values of each family and cultural group vary greatly. Problems arise when we assume that other people have the same values as we do.  Conflict occurs when Jake assumes that everyone  provides  food and refreshments for guests who arrive unexpectedly. Jane on the other hand, was taught that refreshments are provided when guests are formally invited to your home. I have seen couples bicker about just that situation, each partner assuming that his or her way is the correct and polite way. He cries, "you are selfish , Jane. My mother was a generous person". His wife  Jane responds angrily, "Your mother was a doormat who everyone took for granted."  Is there a right way or are there different responses to this situation based on your values and beliefs about entertaining?

Do you think your behavior can make a difference to the outcome? Yes, it can and it will.

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