"The wisdom of the body is so rich... We go to school and learn and learn and learn, but the brilliance inside each person is amazing."
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
Computers and Relationships


 As I sit here frustrated looking at the computer screen, two pages of  writing abandoned by the "save" button disappear into cyberspace. I want to put my hand inside the screen and retrieve them but can't. Try escape Z, computer coach, William advises. No luck. Gone forever. All that creative hard work down the drain of spacetime. Computers are like relationships. When they work, you love them but when they don't all hell breaks loose and you wan't to shake them into responding. But they remain frozen and immobile, useless or so it seems at the moment. A bit of patience, perhaps some professional help and you are back in operation again, you and your computer, you and your relationship. That is until the next time!


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