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Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Calming the Nervous System

  Looking at a beautiful scene can calm your nervous system. As you look at the scene below, notice your shoulders drop and your breath deepen, feel a calmness flooding your body. By changing the channel of your mental TV, you can change your emotional state. Click the channel to a frightening scene, whether real or imaginary and you will find your shoulders pulling up towards your ears in anxiety as you hold your breath in fear. That TV of your mind is much more powerful than the TV in your den. Treat it wisely and consciously. Change to pleasurable scenes or images of yourself or your loved ones. Avoid spending time viewing scenes or images that upset your nervous system.

 Don't deny reality! Take it into your mind and body in smaller doses so you do not get overwhelmed. A few minutes on the heavy stuff followed by a break in which you look at a pleasant scene or image in your mind or look out the window at a tree or a happy child. You will return to your problem refreshed and ready for more work.

  Look below and see!.  

A beautiful scene can calm the nervous system.


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